Integrity's innovative approach unlocks fair and equitable capital to scale global carbon markets


The future of high-integrity environmental assets has arrived

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Integrity Global Partners

Enabling investors to assess risk and financial potential from deployment of capital into projects and jurisdictional programs, and enabling project developers and governments to access the financing they need, through global environmental markets.

Integrity Global Partners

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Integrity Capital Advisers

Enabling efficient deployment of capital for investors through advisory services designing, structuring and implementing blended finance facilities

Integrity Capital Advisers
Global Partnerships to scale & bring integrity to the voluntary carbon market

Integrity Capital Advisers




High-quality nature-based projects and jurisdictional programs

Supports the deployment of capital by ‘architecting’ specific transactions into Nbs projects and jurisdictional programs.

Advises on the construction of blended finance facilities

The Problem

The voluntary carbon market is at an inflection point


drop in demand from 2021-2022 in forest carbon credits due to credibility concerns

The developer ecosystem is highly fragmented and untapped


Of historical issuances from 5% of project developers

Investors unable to place capital efficiently


Project proposals presented to investors currently being rejected

Current amount of financing to protect and restore nature is insufficient


gap in financing needed annually by 2030


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What We Do
What we do

Integrity Global Partners enables deployment of fair and equitable financing into NbS projects and jurisdictional programs by advising clients that include investors, project developers and governments.


The future of high-integrity environmental assets has arrived. Curious?

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